What is The Lianeon Project?

The modern world forces us into media bubbles that leave us ill-informed and beholden to zero-sum “left” or “right” ideology. This binary extremism is pulling America and civilization itself apart.

The Lianeon Project (TLP) is a publication for people who recognize that humanity’s continued progress requires forward-looking ideas that prioritize reason and truth.

But good ideas begin with knowledge. Our mission is to bring you this knowledge and illuminate the middle way forward.

Not Just the News...DICES

We bring you Diverse, Informative, Curated, US news topics with Expert Commentary from dozens of sources, think tanks, and other media. You will also get access to our exclusive Solutions Editorials. In short, DICES:

  • Diverse sources: Diverse and varied perspectives. No filter bubbles that leave you biased and ill-informed.

  • Informative sources: Half the truth is often the biggest lie. We strive to feature sources that do deep dives, not just scratch the surface.

  • Curated: We bring you 10-15 stories every week, carefully curated to filter out the noise. Never be overwhelmed with information again!

  • Expert Commentary: We feature expert commentary alongside your news that provides additional perspective and context.

  • Solutions Editorials: Occasional in-depth editorials where we illuminate third way solutions and ideas that move civilization forward.

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