Progress: The economic, technological, and organizational advancements that gave rise to modern civilization are under threat.

Lianeon, a social enterprise dedicated to managing risk and expanding human capability, has launched Risk+Progress: A place to explore risk, human progress, and your potential. Our mission is to educate and refine concepts that promote human progress and a better future for all.

Risk+Progress has two sections that can be subscribed to independently: 

Risk+Progress: Explores risk and progress at the humanity level. See the A World of Progress page.

Risk+Progress| You: Explores personal development and individual potential. See the Reach Your Potential page.

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What does “Lianeon” mean?

“Lian” is derived from the Chinese character 联, which means to “link” or “join.” “Eon” is borrowed from Latin, meaning “age” or “period of time.”

Thus, “Lianeon” refers to the concept of the “connected age” that brings all of humanity together for the common good of progress.

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Partner Organizations

Universal Human-Universal Human is an online community where people with global human identity exchange thoughts and ideas.

Futurist Foundation-A nonprofit focused on creating a community that crowdsources the future.

The New Physiocratic League-Certifying & supporting political parties and organizations worldwide, which abide by Neo-Physiocratic, Neo-Georgist principles.

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A place to explore human progress and your potential.


J.K. Lund
J.K. Lund did his undergrad degree in Political Science and graduate studies in Management. He is the founder of Lianeon, a social enterprise dedicated to managing risk and expanding human potential. He writes about Risk, Progress, and the Future.