Progress: The economic, technological, and organizational advancements that gave rise to modern civilization, are under threat. This is why I launched Risk & Progress: A hub for essays that explore risk, human progress, and your potential.

My mission is to educate, inspire, and invest in concepts that promote a better future for all. Subscriptions and new essays are free and always will be. Paid subscribers gain access to the full archive

In this mission, I seek a higher truth. However, everything presented in these pages is, at least, a little bit “wrong.” It is simply not possible to boil down the complex tapestry of reality into a few thousand words…especially at first publishing. The goal of Risk & Progress is not to present the reader with an immutable fact or position but to be less and less “wrong” over time. 

This means embracing criticisms, human fallibility, and researching opposing information, for the betterment of all, rather than ignoring it for self-preservation. As such, the essays presented here are not fixed, they are iteratively edited, revised, and sometimes removed and rewritten as new information comes to light. The best experience, therefore, comes from full access to the archive.

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What does “Lianeon” mean?

“Lian” is derived from the Chinese character 联, which means to “link” or “join.” “Eon” is borrowed from Latin, meaning “age” or “period of time.”

Thus, “Lianeon” refers to the concept of the “connected age” that brings all of humanity together for the common good of progress.


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A hub for essays that explore risk, human progress, and your potential.


J.K. Lund

With a passion for progress, JK Lund is a UIUC PolySci alumnus with a postgraduate MSML. He is CEO of LIANEON, a social enterprise aimed at cultivating a better future. At Risk & Progress, he champions concepts that strive for societal betterment.