What is The Lianeon Project?

Civilization is tearing at the seams, stretched to the limit by societal extremes. Today’s world forces upon us diets that make us sicker, media that leave us less informed, and zero sum “left” or “right” politics. This binary extremism pulls us ever further from moderation and reason.

Civilization cannot prosper on this path of zealotry absolutism. The Lianeon Project is a publication for people who recognize that civilization’s growth and survival requires forward-looking public policy that prioritizes reason, truth, and human progress.

But good public policy begins with you. Our mission is to help you find balance, success, and illuminate the third way, the way forward, in this binary world. Together let’s build a hopeful and prosperous future.

The Lianeon Project Brings You:

Not Just the News: Topics, with Purpose

We search dozens of news sources, think tanks, and other media, to bring you curated, unbiased US news topics, with expert commentary, directly to your inbox every week.

  • Diverse sources: We provide you diverse and varied perspectives.

  • Unbiased sources: Everything has some degree of bias, but we only feature sources with low/moderate bias metrics.

  • Expert Curation: We bring you 10-15 topics in US affairs every week, carefully curated to encompass the most important issues affecting our future.

  • Expert Commentary: We feature expert commentary alongside your news that provides additional perspective and context.

  • Solutions: Occasional in-depth editorials where we illuminate third way solutions and ideas that move civilization forward.