The Great Mail-in Vote Fraud

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As a patriot, I want this election to be free and fair, but it’s abundantly clear now that it will not be. The 2020 Presidential election is already the most fraudulent election in this nation’s history. In the midst of a pandemic, the specter of mail-in voting, creates a huge and unprecedented opportunity to construct one of the greatest election fabrications in history. Here is how mail in voting will be used to steal this election.

Before we get into the details of mail-in voting fraud, we need to make a distinction. As President Trump has clarified, mail-in voting, often known as “absentee voting,” is NOT the problem. With absentee voting, a voter must first request an absentee ballot where their registration can be confirmed. They will then be mailed a ballot upon which they may securely cast their vote. Semantics make this a bit confusing because some states no longer use the term “absentee voting” to describe this form of voting, but the process is the same. The problem rests with so-called “universal mail-in voting”, where all registered voters are automatically mailed ballots regardless if they want one or not. See the difference? In the traditional mail-in method, a registered voter must request a ballot to be mailed to them, in universal mail-in voting, the ballots are automatically mailed to them.

This year, due to Covid-19, nine of the great fifty states are planning to allow “universal mail-in” voting to improve social distancing this fall. That may not sound like a lot of states….because it isn’t. Additionally, five of those nine states have been using universal mail-in voting for many years, and even did so in 2016 when President Trump won the Presidency. These states have not any issues with systemic voter fraud, so really President Trump’s concerns rest on just four states that have hastily switched their election systems and adopted universal mail-in voting this year: California, Nevada, Vermont and New Jersey. Four states…out of fifty.

Now, of those four states newly implementing universal mail-in voting, only one is considered to be a battleground state with any realistic chance of swinging electoral votes toward Biden or Trump: Nevada. One state…out of fifty.

The Fraud

As you can see, the implementation of universal mail-in voting, is not a broad as Trump’s alarmist claims suggest, and in over half of those states it has been going on for years without issue. There is no reason to think that the four new states adopting this election method are incapable of handing those ballots as the other five have done so successfully.

Even then, only one state (Nevada) is likely to be of any consequence to the Presidential election anyway. So unless Nevada alone decides the outcome of this election (unlikely) AND there is evidence of mass systemic voter fraud in Nevada, the election was not “rigged” against Trump.

No, the real fraud is in Trump’s messaging that seeks to muddy the water, confuse and obfuscate the truth about voting by mail, making it appear more widespread and dangerous than it actually is. The fraud is when Trump tells his supporters that the only way he loses the election is if the other side cheats, forcing the nation into a Constitutional crisis on November 3rd. The fraud is undermining faith in the world’s first and most successful democracy for personal gain.

The great 2020 election fraud is being carried out by the same person who sought to undermine the 2016 election’s legitimacy. If you remember, Trump called that election “rigged” as well, though that time he insisted it was rigged against him at the polling stations. He told Americans that millions of illegal votes would be cast. Despite these claims, Trump accepted those election results…because he won.

The fraud is being perpetrated by the person, who had no problem with mail-in voting until June this year, when he began polling very poorly against his competitor. The fraud is now encouraging his supporters to vote twice to “test” the system in a state that doesn’t even allow the universal mail in voting system that he claims to despise. The fraud is not accepting the election results and insisting that the system is rigged… but only if he loses. The great 2020 election fraud is the work of Donald J Trump.

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