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We Are Here to Save the World

We are here to save the world. Humanity's progress is not inevitable. Technological advancement, economic growth, and the improvement of the human condition are not merely functions of time, but require a optimal environment in which to sprout and grow. The 20th Century saw the emergence of representative democracy combined with quasi-capitalist economic systems as the predominant structure of societal organization. As we push deeper into the 21st century, it is becoming increasingly obvious that these politico-economic paradigms are not adequate for the 21st, let alone the 22nd.

Where We Are Now

Our education systems are failing to effectively educate our population such that they become informed and useful citizens. Despite gains early last century, our healthcare systems are barely managing to increase average life expectancy. Indeed, life expectancy in the United States is falling. While our economies deliver fairly consistent, albeit slow, GDP growth, few people are seeing notable improvements in their standard of living. On the contrary, many people are seeing their living standards steadily drop. Meanwhile the yawning wealth gap between the rich and poor has become corrosive to the very political structures meant to keep it in check.

Our food, while cheaper and richer in calories than ever before, lacks the nutrition that our biology requires, leaving us prone to diseases that should not exist. In other words, we are perpetually overfed while simultaneously malnourished. Our social media networks have connected the farthest corners of the Earth, yet many of us are further apart than ever before. Driven by the algorithms of advertising, our social media feeds a 24/7 outrage machine, tugging at our heartstrings and spinning some of us ever deeper into echo-chambers of insanity. We have access to the wealth of human information at our fingertips, but most of us are more uninformed than ever.

It Doesn't Have to be This Way

The Lianeon Project, started by J. Lund, is driven by an urgent need to find solutions to 21st Century problems to ensure civilization's continued advancement into the 22nd Century. The Lianeon Project strives to create an ideas clearinghouse to find new ways of defining human progress and developing policies that best delivers that progress. 

Basic Tenets of The Lianeon Project

  • Develop a new measure of human progress to replace the uni-dimensional measure we know as "Gross Domestic Product" or GDP, which fails to capture important information about the human condition.
  • Rethink education systems to maximize the transmission of humanity's knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next.
  • Maximize the efficacy of the penal system such that it serves its primary purpose of minimizing crime.
  • Building a justice system that is not weighted toward the wealthy, but serves as an arbiter of truth. 
  • Develop policies and health maintenance systems that ensure people live to their maximum potential lifespans such that they can contribute maximally to society. 
  • Rethink capitalism and markets to design a system that ensures continued freedom of choice and innovation, but prevents market distortions that cause overall harm to society.
  • Rethink democracy and move toward truly representative systems of government that leverage the collective aggregation of the peoples' diverse knowledge, wisdom, and experiences.