We Are Here to Save the World

We are here to save the world. Humanity's progress is not inevitable. Technological advancement, economic growth, and the improvement of the human condition are not merely functions of time, but require a optimal environment in which to sprout and grow. The 20th Century saw the emergence of representative democracy combined with quasi-capitalist economic systems as the predominant structure of societal organization. As we push deeper into the 21st century, it is becoming increasingly obvious that these politico-economic paradigms are not adequate for the 21st, let alone the 22nd. Where We Are Now Our education systems are failing to effectively educate our population such that they become informed and useful citizens. Despite gains early last century, our healthcare systems are barely managing to increase average life expectancy. Indeed, life expectancy in the United States is falling. While our economies deliver fairly consistent, albeit slow, GDP growth, few people are seeing not
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